I’m back! First ROW 80 check-in of the year.


One of my aims for 2013 was to join in with ROW 80. I have been a bit slow at this, they are already in the middle of their second round, but better late than never, eh?

I’m going to keep my aims for this round very simple. In the past I have given myself numerous aims, only to distract myself from what should be my primary goal: to write every day. Sometimes I achieve this goal, other times.. well, I would like to be achieving it more consistently.

So, my ROW 80 aim for this round is… *drum roll*:


I’m not setting a limit on what or how much I write. I just want to write everyday.

Meanwhile I’m still on the look-out for somewhere quiet to do my writing and research. I’m too easily distracted at home and the price of cafe writing adds up. I’m going to investigate a local college library today, to see if that might be a good place. I’ll let you know..


I’m going to need some steely determination for this round..

While we’re on the subject of ROW 80, one of my fellow ROW 80 writers needs your help! Lauralynn Elliott’s husband has been very unwell and is off work, plunging them into financial difficulty. ROW 80 writers are teaming together to help her out in her time of need. You can help by buying one of her books, donating through Fundrzr or simply visiting Lauralynn’s blog to lend some moral support. Lauralynn is a ROW sponsor and has given up a lot of her own time to help others. Now is our time to give back.

4 thoughts on “I’m back! First ROW 80 check-in of the year.

  1. Welcome back, Gina!

    I think your goal to just write everyday is a perfect one. Sometimes planning to do less actually ends up allowing you to do more, and better. It certainly takes away the stress of “How can I fit it all?

    Oh, that cafe/home writing issue… ugh! It’s been killing me too. I don’t know if it’ll help you, but I found the best way to curb my distraction level was to disconnect from the web. Location didn’t seem to matter as much as not being able to open a webpage…

    Just a thought.

    • Hi Eden, thank you for visiting! I am hoping to “plan less, do more” tactic works.. I guess I’ll find out. It has certainly made me feel more motivated in the last few days.
      I am hoping I’ll be able to find somewhere to work.. I’ve tried out cutting off the internet but this doesn’t prevent distraction, I still end up cleaning, doing DIY or some such! I am visiting the library I mentioned today so fingers crossed that works out. I’m glad the internet cut-off has helped – do you usually write at home?
      I’m popping over to your blog now to see how your ROW goals are going..

  2. Welcome back to ROW80! That goal to ‘write every day’ sounds pretty good to me. Take ROW80 down to the basics. Write your heart out. All else is commentary, though sometimes needed. I loved the picture of the knight for it suggests you are looking to free up that place within yourself that remains hidden and well guarded. For now, I have a place to write without external distraction. I hope you find one that works for you as well.

    • Hi Beth, thank you! I am jealous of the space – guard it well! I’m off to look at a possible place today, fingers crossed. Heading over to your blog to see how you’re doing as well..

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